The Orange Circus Band


The Orange Circus Band are a  Bluegrass/Americana collective based in the UK, with roots in Virginia, USA.  

Whilst having a hand in roots, rock and gospel music, and updating traditional songs taken from The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia -The Orange Circus Band produces original music that has a wholly unique, fresh sound. You can expect wild playing, beautiful harmonies and boundless energy guaranteed to raise the roof and warm the hearts.  

•  W H A T  T H E  O C  H A S  B E E N  U P  T O  • 

While working towards their second Album they've released the critically acclaimed single "I Miss You' They've been touring in UK and Europe playing festivals across the UK including Cambridge Folk Festival ( headliners at The Den stage), Black Deer festival, Glastonbury Festival, Beat Herder festival, The Long Road and Maverick Festival. They've played amongst industry legends and those in the making, such as Patti Smith, First Aid Kit, Rhiannon Giddens, John Prine, Eric Bibb, Ashley Campbell, Ward Thomas, Whiskey Shivers, and many more.   

In 2018 Jessie Moonlight was welcomed into the Deering Banjo family alongside artists such as Rhiannon Giddens, Scott Avett, Jens Kruger, and  Béla Fleck.   

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The Huffington Post, Maverick Magazine, Americana UK, Bluegrass Today, BBC Introducing Cornwall (live session), BBC Radio Kent (live sessions), Celtic Heartbeat, BBC Radio Wales, Radio Gold,, Radio Reverb, Wandsworth Radio, Jersey Post, South Wales Evening Post, Balcony TV, Jam TV 

• P R E S S  Q U O T E S • 

"I first heard The Orange Circus Band via Roger Daltrey who sent me an email saying, 'I think you'll love them, Bob'. He was absolutely right - Rooted in Bluegrass and UK Folk Music, they're a wonderful bridge across the Atlantic. ” 

Whispering Bob Harris, OBE BBC 2 Country 

"So much of country music misses the mark, but 'I Miss You' blindsided me...I loved it" 

Adam Walton BBC Music Introducing 

"I Miss You is a proper country ballad, full of heartbreak and desire, a song and performance that puts pretty much all of what comes out of Nashville these days to shame" 

- Jeremy Searle, Americana UK 

"Dripping in beautiful country instrumentation and heartbreaking lyrics" 

- LYRIC magazine 

"Jessie has a voice that puts me in mind of Martina McBride. So look out for 'I Miss You' because it is a must buy. It will enhance any music library" 

- Forever British Country  

"Jessie's voice is reminiscent of Alison Krauss, an ethereal voice that adds even deeper significance to this song, connecting to all of our vulnerabilities"  

– UK Country News  

"Reminiscent of emotions past this new single 'I Miss You' by The Orange Circus evokes feelings and warmth missing in much of modern-day country music"   

– Jamie Deering, Deering Banjos 

"Ready to take over the world with their unique sound" 


"Now this is fun, the new single from the Orange Circus Band, a UK/Virginia outfit who look destined for big things"  

– Jeremy Searle, Americana UK 

"I can't think of anyone else out there making music like them. If Jonathan Richman and The Velvet Underground joined forces and made a Bluegrass album, this would be it" 

–  Rory Carlile, New Roots Promotions 

“Theirs is a fresh, bright, exciting sound with energy and pizzaz aplenty” 

-–     Fatea Magazine 

“The Orange Circus Band is a band that fill my heart with joy and make me sing out loud. An amazing collective of musicians with an incredible collection of songs” 

–     Jason Dorman, The Tunbridge Wells Forum 

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