I first heard The Orange Circus Band via Roger Daltrey who sent me an email saying, 'I think you'll love them, Bob'. He was absolutely right - Rooted in Bluegrass and UK Folk Music, they're a wonderful bridge across the Atlantic. ”

— Whispering Bob Harris, OBE BBC 2 Country


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              'I miss you' was released in November 2018 and  we got some great reviews and feedback for it                            

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" I absolutely love it. The rooted crossroads of UK Country and traditional Folk."

Whispering Bob Harris, OBE BBC 2 Country

"So much of country music misses the mark, but 'I Miss You' blindsided me...I loved it"

Adam Walton BBC Music Introducing

"I Miss You is a proper country ballad, full of heartbreak and desire, a song and performance that puts pretty much all of what comes out of Nashville these days to shame"

- Jeremy Searle, Americana UK

"Dripping in beautiful country instrumentation and heartbreaking lyrics"

- LYRIC magazine

"Jessie has a voice that puts me in mind of Martina McBride. So look out for 'I Miss You' because it is a must buy. It will enhance any music library"

- Forever British Country 

"Jessie's voice is reminiscent of Alison Krauss, an ethereal voice that adds even deeper significance to this song, connecting to all of our vulnerabilities" 

– UK Country News 

"Reminiscent of emotions past this new single 'I Miss You' by The Orange Circus evokes feelings and warmth missing in much of modern-day country music"  

– Jamie Deering, Deering Banjos

"Ready to take over the world with their unique sound"



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